About Us

SPL Lighting (Hong Kong) Company Limited, a wholly owned enterprise by Prosperity Lighting Group, is a professional lighting manufacturer and supplier of technical interior and outdoor lighting as well as of customer-specific lighting solutions in the region of China, Hong Kong and Macau.


We provide a wide range of lamps and lighting products, lighting control systems for commercial, industrial, indoor and outdoor applications. Also, we offer a professional service and support for the design and development of OEM / ODM lamps and lighting products to meet international standard.


Our working system is certified by ISO 9001.

Our Services

Lighting Supply

Industrial, commercial, office, residential and decorative lighting supply

Lighting Calculations

Lighting design and simulations according to SSL Code of Lighting, CIBSE

Lux level measurement

Professional measurement by certified calibrated lux meter/ photometer

Total Lighting Solutions

Years of experience partnership with lighting control systems

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